ENGL 300-Level courses for Sophomore-Senior Engineering Students

The Expository Writing Program in the English Department is offering several exciting 300-level courses in Autumn. Each of the courses listed below are relevant to engineering students by examining writing through different frameworks than those of normal writing/composition courses.

These courses fulfill the “C” or “W” requirement and count towards our new Writing Minor.

ENGL 381 as noted below discusses writing and rhetoric in the lens of legal institutions. This course would be a fantastic fit for engineering students interested in learning skills to write, argue and think with law based discourses as a guiding lens.
ENGL 382 focuses on developing multimodal, digital, and new media 21st literacy and communication skills. For engineering students these courses break the mold of a standard writing/composition course by expanding student understanding of how various forms of media play into argument and communication. Preparing to enter a market that is more than ever entwined with 21st century technology, students have an opportunity to explore and build their writing skills with new media.

Students enrolled in these courses may also want to pursue the Writing Minor – a new opportunity that is idea for students entering business, engineering, law, journalism, or other writing intensive career or who seek extra writing support. See attached flier.
The title of the courses are listed below:

  • ENGL 381 B -Writing, Rhetoric, and Genre in Legal Institutions
    • Whenever we take out a student loan, buy something online, or catch an MIP, we interact with the law and its agents. We mediate and are mediated by such interactions through a variety of written and spoken genres — police reports, contracts, depositions, and a whole host of other recognizable and not-so-recognizable textual artifacts. This class seeks to build upon this observation by using the genres of legal discourse to investigate advanced principles of rhetoric, writing, and argumentation. Without considering the law as the law, this course will prepare you to write, argue, and think about the role that we all play as subjects of what philosopher Ronald Dworkin called the “law’s empire.” Whether you intend to major in law, STEM, or underwater-basket weaving, this class has something for you — as a thinker, as a citizen, and as a human being.
  • ENGL 382 A – Digital Storytelling: The Hero’s Journey
    •             According to scholars like Joseph Campbell, all storytelling traditions—regardless of geographical or cultural origin, historical context or political agendas—have a common genre, which he calls “the monomyth,” or “hero’s journey.” This epic structure consists of three phases with several milestones each, at the end of which the mortal who began the journey returns transformed into a mythic hero. Though these traditions are old, they certainly aren’t dead. In fact, we could argue that the hero’s journey is the structure we’re most familiar with, whether we realize it or not, via movies, TV, ads, songs, etc. etc. Thus, in this class, we’ll aim to track the hero’s journey in contemporary pop culture, and then use what we’ve gained to produce our own texts—ones which connect with audiences with particular effectiveness. Specifically, we’ll focus on multimodal texts, which engage multiple senses (vision, hearing, emotions, etc.) in order to achieve their goals. Any level of computer/digital expertise (or lack thereof) is totally fine, and there’s no need to have any pre-existing knowledge of the monomyth, Joseph Campbell, mythology, etc.
  • ENGL 382 B –  Feminist Research Methods, Design Approaches, and Project Development
    • In this multimodal composition course, we will broaden our definition of writing to produce various types of texts that employ multiple modes of communication like sounds, words, images, body movement, etc. Our subject of inquiry in this course will be the intersection of feminism and multimodality. As such, we will create social justice oriented texts. We will also use our feminist lens in the qualitative and theoretical research methods that we employ to gather data for the texts we create, and a feminist approach when composing multimodal projects, meaning we will have increased attention to issues of ethics and accessibility in product design.

The follow section is available in the fall (SLN Included):

14635 – ENGL 381 B – TTH 2:30-4:20

14636 – ENGL 382 A – MW 1:30-3:20

14637 – ENGL 382 B – TTH 1:30-3:20

You may also have students access the course information via the following link which will take students the English Department “Course Listing” page on our website: <https://english.washington.edu/courses/2017/autumn/200-300-400-level>

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jacob Huebsch at <jhuebsch@uw.edu>.

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Connect Across Cultures: Volunteer as a FIUTS Facilitator

Volunteer as a FIUTS Facilitator and make friends from around the world! FIUTS Facilitators receive cross-cultural leadership training and gain valuable experience leading events such as International Welcome Weeks in September. Email info@fiuts.org or visit fiuts.org/facilitators.

Longer version

Become a FIUTS Facilitator and boost your resume while making friends from around the world

FIUTS (the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students) is an organization that supports cross-cultural understanding and leadership for UW’s global community, including international and American students. FIUTS depends on the generosity and passion of our volunteers to help accomplish our goals. Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn intercultural leadership skills and make new friends. The time commitment is flexible; facilitators can choose when and how often they facilitate.

As a FIUTS facilitator, you will receive cross-cultural leadership training and gain valuable volunteer experience leading programs and events including International Welcome Weeks in September, when you can help welcome more than 2,400 new students from around the world to the UW and Seattle! Facilitators also have the opportunity to participate in year-round activities such as K-12 education outreach, events and activities, and more.

Volunteer opportunities are open to current UW students – U.S., international, undergrads, grads, scholars and IELP students. Facilitators need to complete a short application and attend one of our regularly scheduled New Facilitator Orientations. Upcoming New Facilitator Orientations are scheduled for July 21, August 9, August 15, and September 7. See the FIUTS calendar for times and locations.

For more information, visit our website at fiuts.org/facilitators, or contact us at 206.543.0735/ info@fiuts.org / HUB 206.

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A need for engineering adjuncts and computer science adjuncts at Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is seeking adjunct faculty in Computer Science and Engineering for the 2017-18 academic year. For Fall 2017, adjunct faculty are sought for 1) an introductory programming course in C++ and 2) a general education non-majors introduction to engineering course.  Adjunct faculty are also needed for other courses in computer science and in engineering.  Specific courses will depend on the experience of the applicants.

Qualified applicants must be in agreement with the Seattle Pacific University statement of Faith and Mission (http://spu.edu/about-spu/statement-of-faith). Applicants meeting the qualifications listed below may apply by completing and submitting online the application found at: https://spu.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=86888 .

 Seattle Pacific University. Engineering and Computer Science: Adjunct professor, available September 2017. Qualifications include a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in a relevant field, though  bachelor’s degree applicants will be considered if accompanied with significant industry and/or teaching experience. Duties involve teaching the course, grading, and holding office hours.

Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University has a long and distinguished history in Christian higher education. Its comprehensive academic programs serve more than 4,100 undergraduate and graduate students. Located just minutes from downtown Seattle, SPU seeks to be a premier Christian University fully committed to engaging the culture and changing the world by graduating people of competence and character, becoming people of wisdom, and modeling grace-filled community. Seattle Pacific University seeks applicants committed to its Christian mission. Due to our mission of cultural engagement, SPU is committed to building an excellent and diverse teaching faculty. Members of historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

SPU’s Engineering and Computer Science offers undergraduate majors in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, general engineering (with concentrations in mechanical engineering and appropriate & sustainable engineering) and information systems, providing students with excellent preparation for professional careers through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning.  All engineering majors are ABET accredited.  The Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences (Division of STEM and Social Sciences) and is committed to building an excellent and diverse faculty who desire to be part of a supportive Christian community in which students are prepared to become responsible and effective servant-leaders.

The online application includes an official SPU application form, a Christian faith statement of approximately one page, a diversity statement, a curriculum vitae (CV) (or resume), and a brief description of your view on effective teaching techniques.  Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until each position is filled as it arises at. The application is found at: https://spu.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=86888 .

Inquiries relating to engineering courses should be addressed to Prof. Melani Plett, Chair of Electrical Engineering, 206-281-2444, mplett@spu.edu.  Inquiries relating to computer science courses should be addressed to Prof. Elaine Weltz, Chair of Computer Science, 206-281-3639  eweltz@spu.edu.

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EE Summer Volunteers Needed for Husky ADAPT event

I am looking for a few additional volunteers for an upcoming Husky ADAPT toy adaptation event. This would involve attending a training, then a summer camp event in which you adapt a toy with two high school students. No previous experience or knowledge is required! If you’re interested, please complete this survey and I will follow up with more information.

Training options (you attend one):

July 29th from 2-4pm or

July 31st from 5-7pm

Event date:

August 1st 1:30-3pm

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Join Intel for a webinar this Wednesday, July 12th

Stand Out!  Resume and Job Interview Tips from a Campus Relations Manager

Are you ready to transform your resume into a tool that generates job interviews?  Would you like to hear the secrets on how to prepare to dazzle employers during the interview?

Join Jeff Dunn, Campus Relations Manager from Intel Corporation, for a fast-paced 60 minute webinar!  During this engaging session, you will learn easy, practical tips on how to revise your resume to capture the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Jeff will also share his best strategies on how to market yourself and really stand out during a job interview!

Wednesday, July 12th
1:00pm p.s.t.

To register, click below:

To review current openings at Intel, please click here:

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Be a tutor-mentor; give back and make a difference

Attention, Juniors & Seniors!

Looking for a way to make a difference and give back?

Want to gain teaching/mentoring experience?

Want to learn about educational equity?

 Sign up to be a Tutor-Mentor; take EDUC 401 L & M

UW’s Academic Support Programs is offering a service-learning seminar titled “EDUC 401: Higher Education Tutoring and Mentorship”. This weekly seminar introduces tutor-mentors to tutoring, mentoring, and teaching methodologies. Students apply what they learn in class through tutoring and mentoring new transfer, first-year, and sophomore students who are transitioning socially, culturally, and academically to the UW. This is a great opportunity for seasoned students to give back to the UW by sharing their knowledge and experience.


  • Seminar meets on Mondays from 3:30-4:50 PM or from 6:00-7:20 PM
  • Tutoring takes place anywhere on or near campus, you decide the times
  • Receive 2 credits for working with one student, or 3 credits for working with two students
  • A letter of recommendation will be available upon request after completion of the seminar

For more information, visit our website at:


For registration information, please contact Adiam Tesfay at:


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Undergraduate Research Scholarships & Info. Sessions: WRF & Levinson

WRF Fellowships & Levinson Awards Research Funding Application & Info Sessions

The application is now open for WRF Fellowships and Levinson Awards! – Apply by August 28

NOTE: These two opportunities share a common application and you are welcome to apply to one or both for 2017-18 funding.

Join us for an info session for on these funding opportunities:

Wednesday, July 12, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Monday, July 17, 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Register for an info session here:

WASHINGTON RESEARCH FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPS (www.uw.edu/undergradresearch/students/funding/wrff/)

Washington Research Foundation Fellowships (WRFF) for advanced undergraduates support promising students who work on creative and sophisticated science and engineering research projects under the guidance of UW faculty. WRFFs target undergraduates who have already participated in undergraduate research for at least three quarters and who are working beyond an introductory level in a project that requires creativity and advanced knowledge.

As WRF Fellows, selected outstanding UW undergraduates will receive funding to support their research in these disciplines, including funding to present their findings at a professional conference.

LEVINSON EMERGING SCHOLAR AWARDS (www.uw.edu/undergradresearch/students/funding/levinson/)

Levinson Emerging Scholars awards support talented and highly motivated UW juniors and seniors in a variety of fields who want to pursue creative and advanced bioscience and related research under the guidance of UW faculty.  Levinson scholarships target applicants who have already participated in undergraduate research for at least three quarters and who are working beyond an introductory level in a project that requires creativity and advanced knowledge

As Levinson Emerging Scholars, selected outstanding UW undergraduates will receive funding based on their budget proposal to support their bioscience and related research, including funding to present their findings at a professional conference.

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DXARTS 490A Autumn 2017 Unique Course that might appeal to Arts, Music, Computer Science, HCDE, Informatics Majors

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UW Formula Motorsports – [ Help Wanted! ]

My name is Nick D’Alo, the incoming Administrative Director for the Formula Motorsports team of the 2017-2018 school year. I’m reaching out on behalf of the team, as our applications are now open for next year!

A little background on the team:

We’re a 70-person team of UW Engineers, designing, building, and competing with formula style race cars. We’ve been around for 28 years now, and take pride in our history of racing. In years past, we’ve built two cars, one combustion and one electric. 
Next year is a first – we’re building one car, and it will be an electric vehicle! As such, we’re looking to branch out further into the electrical/programming side of engineering at UW. We’ve had some tremendous members from the EE department in years past, and are looking to keep the trend going! Technical projects involving EE students include: sensor implementation, GPS, wiring, PCB design/manufacturing/testing, and electrical power system development. Another exciting development is the addition of a Pick and Place machine, which we will have plenty of access to next year!

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Immediate opening at Uptake Medical (Seattle, WA)

Uptake Medical is a local medical device startup company in Seattle whose primary focus has been lung volume reduction in emphysema patients, and now we are adapting the technology for lung cancer.

We are embarking on a new generator development project and need additional help on all facets of the project from design, prototyping, documentation, verification, and validation. The position is 30–40 hours per week at $15/hour. The time frame would be primarily AUTUMN QUARTER, with the possibility of extending through Spring Quarter; we need help immediately and prefer applicants who can start now. Applicants must be a US citizen or have a valid work permit. Medical device experience is preferred, as is proficiency understanding Chinese culture and ability to communicate both verbal & written Chinese.

Interested candidates should send application materials directly to Leslie Barry (lb.hr@outlook.com).

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