Renewable Energy and Bioenergy BSE 190: 5 credits online class A-term only Summer 2017 NW/ I/S

Bioethanol: a promising alternative to fossil fuels or food crop- consuming boondoggle?

Biodiesel: fuel from french fries?

Wood: a renewable source of fuels and chemicals?

100% online course

Summer_BSE 190A_2017

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AUT17- ESS307 Diversity Outreach

This course examines issues of diversity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), while also providing students with the opportunity to build on the knowledge by directly engaging in community efforts to promote and increase access to STEM for underserved students in the Pacific Northwest. The core of the course relies on the critical analysis of the relationship between science, diversity, and social justice. Students will also receive hands-on training in STEM lesson planning, interactive workshop design, and how to design culturally appropriate outreach activities.

This class will provide the opportunity for undergraduates to lead Earth and Space Sciences outreach in rural and underserved areas. Undergraduates will gain critical skills for increasing the interest and expertise of Earth and Space Sciences content for middle and high school students. Undergraduates will be exposed to and experience firsthand the barriers that underserved and underrepresented populations in the Northwest face prior to pursuing careers in STEM.

ESS307 is open to all students with an academic background in STEM. Prerequisites can be discussed in a case by case basis by contacting Isabel Carrera at


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Summer Course: HSTAA 490D History of Capitalism

HSTAA 490D SLN 14503

MW 1050-100

What is capitalism? It defines our world, yet until recently it has not be the focus of historical study. This seminar course offers a broad overview of American capitalism from colonial times up to the present. It introduces students to the transformation of America from a rural colonial outpost of the British Empire to the largest industrially developed economic power in the world, and the more recent turn toward neoliberal policies in the late 20th century. The course will consider the political, social, cultural, legal, moral, and environmental dimensions of American life – with a particular focus on the varieties of American capitalism, how the picture looks different through the analysis of race, class and gender. This is a history “from the bottom, all the way to the top.” All together it hopes to provide a picture of the historical characteristics and dynamics of American capitalism.

Assignments and grading are as follows: One take home final, one in class midterm, and three “micro essays” on readings from class.

The instructor has particularly expressed interest in having EE majors in the course.

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Student Leadership: Apply to be a Dawg Daze Leader!

Apply today to be a Dawg Daze Leader! Help welcome new students back to campus this fall, apply at Applications due May 24th, 2017.

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Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship application now open for transfer students entering UW in 2017-18

The Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship Program enables community college students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement to complete their baccalaureate degrees at the University of Washington-Seattle. Martin Scholars are encouraged to join the Honors Departmental Program at the UW and, depending on their choice of major, are eligible to graduate with Departmental or College Honors. Applicants are considered for superior strength of character, intellectual ability, and sense of purpose. They are expected to have well-formulated ideas about the direction of future studies and subsequent careers. There should be evidence that a Martin Scholarship will encourage pursuit of a program of education most likely to fulfill the applicant’s potential. Financial need may be considered but is not a requirement.


  • Applicants must be Washington State residents who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and are currently attending or have attended a community college in the state of Washington.
  • Applicants must have earned a minimum of 36 credits at a Washington State community college by the time they matriculate at the University of Washington. Students who hold an associate’s degree are encouraged to apply.
  • Washington State community college transfer students who are currently enrolled at the University of Washington may not have earned more than 18 UW credits by the application deadline of Thursday, July  6, 2017.
  • The award will depend on successful admission to the University of Washington as a matriculated student.
  • The selection committee gives no consideration to an applicant’s gender, race, color, creed, or national origin.

Martin Honors Scholarship flyer 2017

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Calling all innovators! Announcing a new UW technology competition.

The Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics (SCTL) Center at the University of Washington is offering a new competition for student and industry teams who have a technology solution for urban goods d elivery challenges. One student team could even win a $1,000 cash prize!

SCTL Tech Day applicants compete for face time with Urban Freight Lab senior executives and investors to pitch their technology product. Application proposals must deliver a solution to one or more of the Urban Freight Lab’s goals:

  • Improve truck parking space productivity in the city’s Commercial Vehicle Load Zones (CVLZs) and other load/unload spaces at the curb and in alleys and freight bays,
  • Reduce failed first deliveries, and
  • Reduce dwell time in public/private truck spaces.

The application deadline is June 30, 2017! 

Four finalists will be selected to present their concept to a panel of judges at Tech Day on September 12. 

Visit the Tech Day Competition site for details and to apply. 

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EE 577 Special Topics in Computer Vision Autumn 2017

SLN 13911
EE/CSE 577  Special Topics in Computer Vision
Medical Image Analysis: Autumn 2017
Instructor: Linda Shapiro
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing in EE, CSE, or other related department
Useful: CSE/EE 576 or an Image Processing course

Potential Topics:

  • Medical Imaging Modalities
  • Low-level Operations
  • CT Imaging
  • Pet/CT Combination
  • Brain Imaging
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • 3D from Multi-Camera Stereo
  • Craniofacial Applications of 3D Imaging
  • Cancer Biopsy Analsys

Format: Combination of lectures/Discussion with Professor and Guest Lecturers
Evaluation: Course Project and a little on Participation

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Amazon Go info session (Fri 05/19, 12:30pm)

On Friday, May 19th at 12:30pm in EEB 303, the Amazon Go team is providing an overview of the technology in its stores and employment opportunities on their team. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED!

UW Flyer 5.19.17 high res

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Sign up for the Sustainability Career Workshop held on May 24

Ruth Lee and Katie Thompson, consultants at Sustainable Business Consulting and co-authors of Sustainability Jobs, are leading a 3-hour, hands-on workshop at the University of Washington (details attached). We will work with attendees to build their personal brand and networking skills, dig into the challenges of communicating your elevator pitch and discuss social media best practices. The event is on Wednesday, May 24th from 9am-noon.

Participants must register at to attend. UW students may use the discount code UWSTUDENTS to receive $50 off the ticket price!

“SBC delivered an engaging and invaluable workshop – it was amazing how different and comfortable the participants were by the end of the workshop. It provided an opportunity to ask real questions to experienced and well-networked professionals in the field.”  – Annemarie Davis, recent participant

Visit the UW Sustainability blog for more information:

Facebook event:

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EVENT: Startup Fundamentals: Raising Capital from the Entrepreneurs Perspective

On behalf of CoMotion Labs, I would like to invite you to our upcoming presentation, Startup Fundamentals: Raising Capital from the Entrepreneurs Perspective with Sailesh Chutani this Friday, May 19, 2017 from 12:00-1:00pm in Fluke Hall, 3rd floor Idea Lab.

Our Fundamentals for Startups series aims to provide our CoMotion Labs Community and UW School of Law Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC) Community with access to leading experts that can close the gap in startup knowledge. These startup sessions will give startups, teams, students and community a chance to learn practical knowledge, as well as provide hands-on training, and networking opportunities with professionals in various branches of business.

Sailesh Chutani is the CEO and a co-founder of Mobisante, Inc., a mHealth company building cell phone based affordable and easy to use Ultrasound systems. These award-winning systems have the potential to democratize ultrasound imaging. Prior to Mobisante he managed $100m worth of exploratory research and development in Microsoft Research in emerging technologies to identify and seed new businesses. The results included the formation of multiple new product and business units within Microsoft such as robotics, technology for emerging markets, education products, and many others, including a startup spin-off, Zumobi. He also led the turnaround of WebTV acquisition into a profitable business launching multiple new product and services, with 62% gross margin and revenues that peaked at $220m.

Sailesh pioneered Microsoft’s engagement in personalized medicine, bioinformatics, and systems biology. He was an early visionary who championed cellphone technologies in healthcare, especially to meet the needs of the under-served segments of society. The research that he initiated starting in 2005 is now bearing fruit and migrating out of research labs into commercial products and attracting extensive interest from foundations and investors. He has co-authored a book “Technology at the Margins” that will be published by Wiley and available in December, that takes a global view of the impact of mobile technologies on health care, education, micro-finance, and resource management. Sailesh’s passion lies in commercializing advanced technologies to serve critical market needs. He was a key player in creating and building a successful startup, Transarc Corp., which was spun off from a research project at Carnegie Mellon University and sold to IBM. Two of the technologies developed at Transarc became billion-dollar businesses for IBM and Microsoft. He has had business and technical leadership roles in companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Microsoft. He has also managed multiple P&Ls and executed successful turnarounds. He has advised several Silicon Valley startups on their business and product strategy, and governmental and non-governmental agencies on their innovation and intellectual property strategy. He has served on the advisory boards of the American Society for Engineering Education and the University of Michigan.

Light refreshments will be served at this presentation. To RSVP to attend this session, please email . Can’t make the presentation but want the lecture slides or recording? Email

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