DubsTech student run classes

My name is Arunabh, and I’m part of a new student organization called DubsTech. We have a set of passionate student instructors to teach you skills in technology in a fun, social environment for free. We want students from all backgrounds! Currently, we’re hosting classes in three areas: 1) Android App Development Get started with building Android apps. (Knowledge of basic Java concepts and […]

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Underwater Communications research opportunity

Undergrad Research Opportunity for EE Juniors/Seniors: ********************************************************************* We are looking for motivated undergraduate students to participate in an underwater communications project. You will have a chance to work on a real world engineering problems while earning 499 credits. This NSF funded project has many up coming opportunities such as involvement in a publication and many […]

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Former Blog page

To see older posts in our previous blog format please go to http://uweeadvising.blogspot.com/    

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