Engineering Innovation in Medicine Design Sequence

  • Curious how medical technologies are developed?
  • Want to apply what you study to health and medical problems?
  • Want to make a difference improving quality of life through medicine?
  • Feeling entrepreneurial?

The College of Engineering is offering a three-quarter capstone design sequence focusing on developing engineering solutions to pressing challenges in medicine. Students from across the engineering disciplines will work with doctors and engineering faculty to understand the clinical need as well as design, fabricate, and test a working prototype device. EE400B is the first course in the three-quarter capstone sequence in biomedical technologies. This course is an introduction to the modern influence of engineering on medicine and health sciences. It is a project based class designed for senior level mechanical, bioengineering, and electrical engineering students (juniors require instructor’s permission) who are interested in pursuing a Capstone/senior design project on a medical related topic, working in biomedical fields, pursuing a healthcare degree, or understanding how engineers can contribute improving the quality of life through medicine and reducing risks & costs of health care. This course will include introductory lectures on medicine, how engineers contribute, need finding, design, regulation, insurance reimbursement, and intellectual property (i.e. patents). There will be several field trips to UW medicine to interact with medical technologies and observe medicine in practice. The course will also have lectures by successful biomedical entrepreneurs on their product evolution, challenges, and impact. Students will select pilot projects for the quarter and work in teams to assess its viability for further development in a full project. Completion of this course will provide eligibility for seniors
to join interdisciplinary teams of students (ME, EE, BioE) in the Engineering Innovation in Medicine Capstone sequence that continues in winter and spring quarters.

Team based projects • no exams • contact J. Posner with questions:
Invited lectures by medical professionals & seasoned biotech entrepreneurs
Field trips to UW Medicine
Visit: for more information

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