Integrated Systems Concentration

We are  happy to announce a new “Integrated Systems” Concentration for undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering. This concentration will be similar to the existing analog circuits concentration, however there will be more of an emphasis on integrating large systems, circuits and sensors on a single substrate (chip). As such, there will  be more of a focus on Cad tools for IC design which includes Cadence ADE, Spectre, SpectreRF and the associated layout tools. At the end of this concentration track, students can elect to design and layout a larger system-on-a-chip, or perhaps demonstrate an application by building a prototype board with off-the-shelf components.

If you have any interest in this track, my recommendation is to at least attend the first EE 332 lecture this fall where we’ll talk about the track and potential career paths in this field. Also, feel free to contact advising or Chris Rudell, if you have any questions.

If interested in the Integrated Systems Concentration and you are either a Junior or Senior in the upcoming Autumn 2017 quarter, I encourage you to take EE 332 this fall. The autumn quarter offering of EE 332 will have similar content to prior offerings, with a much heavier emphasis on the design of analog circuits in CMOS technologies. EE 332 would be appropriate for a graduate student who is interested in learning more about IC design, but has no prior experience; EE 332 syllabus attached.

Naturally, the question arises as to what classes should you take to pursue this new “Integrated Systems” Capstone track? Below you’ll find a flow chart for required classes. This is broken up into classes for those who will be Juniors and Seniors, in the coming Autumn 2017 quarter. In short, whether you are a Junior or Senior, you should consider taking EE 332 this fall. Note: for this fall offering of EE 332, EE 331 will be waved as a prerequisite to the course; this is only for this autumn offering.

There is a more in-depth discussion of the Integrated Systems Concentration in the attachments with an FAQ.

Lastly, we would like to thank the many faculty who contributed to this plan, most notable of which were Professors Tai Chen, Bruce Darling, Scott Hauck, Chris Rudell, John Sahr, and Visvesh Sathe.

Integrated Systems Track FAQs

Course Outline & Syllabus EE332

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