Registration for the HEF 2017 Student Design Contest

Registration for the Hydrogen Education Foundation’s 2017 Hydrogen Student Design Contest ends September 30, 2017. Each year, the Hydrogen Student Design Contest challenges multi-disciplinary teams of university students to apply their creativity and academic skills to the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. We need your assistance to inform students at your university about the 2017 Hydrogen Student Design Contest!

We ask you to share the information about this Contest either by emailing students directly, informing students during class, or post the HEF Student Design Contest Flyer here >> and post it around campus!

The theme of the 2017-2018 Hydrogen Student Design Contest is “Designing a Power-to-Gas System.” The 2017 Hydrogen Student Design Contest will challenge student teams from around the world to develop a design for a system that uses electricity to produce hydrogen for cross market uses, including energy storage, ancillary services, and transportation fuel. The teams will choose a site in their area, engage their local electric and gas utility, coordinate with regulatory bodies and safety experts, and create educational materials, including a short video. Additional Information on the theme can be found here >>.  Student can review the Rules and Guidelines for this year’s contest here >>.

Student can register for the contest here >> (Note**- At this time, students are required to have a registered team leader and faculty adviser by September 30 to participate. September 30 is the extended deadline and the website will be updated by September 15).

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