Invite to Join UW Satellite Building/Launch Team: AACT

This past fall, we started a team called AACT here in the college dedicated to building a satellite and launching it to space.  We are currently developing our first CubeSat, SOC-i, and it’s going to take a lot of engineers to make this mission a success.  The design has already started and we need motivated students to develop it for a launch in 2021.  The team is centered around learning, so no experience necessary – just an appetite for cool science and hard engineering problems.  Check out the attached flier for some info on our mission and how you can get involved.  A few quick FAQs:
  • Who can apply?  We are looking for undergraduate and Master’s students with any level of practical engineering experience (including none!)
  • What is the time commitment?  If you join the team, you should plan to commit at least 3 hours per week.  Your commitment is what you make it, and as long as you are responsible about taking on a manageable amount of work then you will thrive no matter how much time you put in.
  • What if I know nothing about satellites?  That’s fine!  CubeSats exist for exactly this reason.  We also have an introductory project set up for you to learn everything you need to know to get started on SOC-i.
  • What information should I send you?  If you have a resume, we’d love to see it!  If not, just let us know a little about yourself and your interests, and if applicable, any hands-on experience you have.  We do not turn away any applicants.
  • How long is the project?  This is an ongoing project that will need development from now until launch.  You can choose to work on a component of the satellite for a particular quarter, but you will get the most out of it by planning to see this through to launch.
  • What kind of work is this?  See the attached flier for a summary of the systems we need developers for.  As an ECE student, a desire to work on embedded systems, communications, or power electronics is a plus.  However, there is lots of software architecture, simulation, and even mechanical engineering work to be done if you want.
Please reach out to our project manager Charlie Kelly (, our lead scientist Taylor Reynolds (, or the team mailbox ( if you’re interested in joining the team.  Let’s build a satellite!
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