The core of our research revolves around developing computational methods and techniques to facilitate an economically efficient, operationally secure, and environmentally friendly operation and planning of electric power systems. Specific areas include: Power System Operation, Power System Economics, Power System Security, Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, and the Smart Grid.

The following are current streams of research:

1) Design sustainable and secure power systems

  • Promote the integration of renewable power generation while minimizing operating costs and maximizing power system security
  • Design operating plans that guarantee power system’s immunity against generation and transmission contingencies, as well as to renewable generation vagaries and uncertainties

2) Demand-side as a system resource

  • Operate and coordinate large ensembles of demand-side resources (e.g. electric vehicles, water-heaters and HVACs among others), for the provision of services (e.g. net load re-shaping and ancillary services) to the smart grid.