The world energy system will rapidly electrify in coming years, presenting daunting challenges and substantial opportunities for electricity suppliers, technology suppliers, regulators and other system participants.

System-level synergies

Washington and the Pacific Northwest have a unique combination of electric sector assets – clean hydro and wind power, strong conservation and efficiency practices, progressive utilities, technology and research talent. These assets, however, are often deployed as separate components, leaving potential system-level synergies unrealized.

An academic-industry-government partnership

Leading researchers at the University of Washington and Washington State University have founded the Washington Center for Electric Energy Systems, an academic-industry-government partnership which will help unify efforts in our state and region in the area of smart grids and renewable energy. This center will:

  • Research systems aspects of the smart grid
  • Encompass system-level architecture:
    • planning
    • operation
    • protection and control
    • cyber-security
    • computational issues
  • Initiate and support education activities in smart grid technologies.