WAcess White Paper


Over the coming years, electricity supply systems around the world will have to
adapt to integrate large amounts of renewable generation and a probable
increase in the amount of energy consumed in electrical form. This will present
daunting challenges and substantial opportunities for electricity suppliers,
technology suppliers, regulators and other system participants.

Washington and the Pacific Northwest have a unique combination of electric
sector assets – clean hydro and wind power, strong conservation and efficiency
practices, progressive utilities, technology and research talent. However, these
assets are often deployed as separate components, leaving potential system-level
synergies unrealized.

Leading researchers at the University of Washington and Washington State
University have founded the Washington Center for Electric Energy Systems to
help unify efforts in our State and region toward meeting the challenges and
opportunities of the coming electric transformation.

This paper describes the objectives of this center and outlines an initial research
agenda, which we will refine via active discussions across the energy and
technology communities. We invite you to review it, provide feedback and work
with the Center toward a clean, sustainable and economic electric energy system.

Read the WAcees white paper (PDF).